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Must-Have Party Gadgets

In a world where technology is developing faster than we can imagine, gadgets are presenting themselves in all areas of life – work, personal care, hobbies, pastime and everything else. Many articles have been written and will be written on various gadgets, but it seems that everyone is ignoring a very important part of our lives – parties. Here are some ideas on what to look for.

There are thousands of DJ gadgets on the market that negate the need for hiring a DJ, and allow someone with relatively little DJing experience to take the reins. Choose from 2 deck MP3 mixers, many of them wireless, with iTunes integration, microphone inputs and built in effects, to top software packages that can be easily installed on and operated from your laptop. Many of these gadgets are so clever that they practically do the mixing for you. Some advice is to ensure that you are able to easily search for a particular song. Some of the displays on devices are so small and only allow you to scroll to find your desired MP3. This makes it really difficult to take requests. Get something with a keyboard, or something that is compatible with your tablet, or even smart phone, to allow you to find the songs you want, quickly, when you need to.

For the perfect amplified sound, purchase a base bin. This does not increase the volume level so much, but will make sure the base packs a punch, forcing people to get up to dance. You can buy one for around £1000 / $1500 that will do the job.

A good DJ needs a great pair of headphones that will allow you to hear your next tracks above the volume of the playing song. Bose noise cancelling headphones offer the best in the market capabilities, but there are other brands that will be good enough for party usage. Prices vary wildly, but opt for top branded products that are on special offer.

The lighting can make or break a party. Room lights are likely to completely kill the atmosphere, and continuous strobe is going to make your guests ill. The best idea is to get the right combination of lighting gadgets to ensure a perfect dance floor vibe. The great laser lighting displays that we remember from clubs in the 1980s and 1990s that were so impressive, and super expensive, have come down in price so much that you can buy your own impressive laser light display for under £100 / $150. To get the most dramatic effects, go for one with multiple coloured laser lights and crucially, sound-to-light modes, amongst other effects. Laser lights work best when there is some kind of moisture or density in the air. If your party venue allows it, purchase a dry ice machine to use in conjunction with the laser light. This will ensure the effect lingers on the dance floor, making hypnotic patterns mid-air. Other lighting choices include lava lamps, strobe lights, plasma balls, neon lights and much more.

Another nifty little party lighting trick is to purchase an ultraviolet (UV) light. This doesn’t change the atmosphere of the room, as UV light is invisible. It does however work particularly well in conjunction with glow paints. If you can make some available at the party, people will have the additional entertainment factor of adorning themselves in invisible paints and then standing under the UV lights to make their patterned bodies glow.

With so many party gadgets available, it’s not easy to narrow down your choices. If you are likely to have to keep to a constrained budget then the best way to shop for your party gadgets is by finding the best discounts online. There are plenty of websites that will allow you to shop for your perfect party products without breaking the bank.

Fitness Equiptment

Choosing the Right Fitness Equipment - A Guide

So you have finally decided to purchase a piece of fitness equipment and use it from the comfort of your own home? That’s really great, but it does pose the question of choosing the right one for you and your goals. There are so many varieties out there – treadmills, weights, ellipticals, and so on, and so on. Which one is the right for you?

Fitness equipment falls in two main categories – for building strength and muscle, and cardio for burning calories. If you are buying a single piece of equipment for use at home, you are probably not interested in building strength, but if you are, weights are your best option. Just make sure you start with lighter ones.

Cardio equipment that can be used at home, however, comes in all shapes and sizes, and you might find it difficult to choose. Here are the main varieties and their pros and cons:

Treadmills are those machines that mimic walking or running. They burn lots of calories, but are hard on the joints so be careful with the workout. The great thing about the treadmill is that it has a wide variety of settings – you can adjust the speed and the incline, meaning that you can exercise at your own pace. If you decide to get a treadmill, keep in mind that the belt length should be appropriate for your stride - if you are a taller person with longer legs, you will need a bigger treadmill.

Ellipticals are probably the most widespread fitness equipment found at home. They combine two great qualities – burning lots of calories and not as much joint strain.

Stationary bikes are also quite popular because they too go easy on the joints and are great for burning calories. In order to enjoy their benefits, however, it is vital that you adjust the seat height properly. Also make sure that the seat is comfortable and fits your bottom well.

Rowing machines involve lots of muscle groups in the exercise so they burn lots of calories and because of that you might choose to buy one. But there is a catch – if you have decided to start working out now and your body is still not used to the strain, using such a machine would mean that you will get tired extremely fast and not get the chance to burn even the number of calories you would on a stationary bike.

General tips:

The most important thing is to get a machine that feels right to you. Don’t get it just because it’s the fastest fat-burner, or because it’s the least expensive one. If you truly want to lose some weight, you will need a machine that draws you in and doesn’t bore you out of the workout.

If you live in Australia, try taking a look at sites such as because you can often find some amazing coupon codes that offer you a pretty decent discount when you use them.

Before you make the purchase, make sure that the hand grips and the lower surface are not sliding and feel comfortable to you.

Also make sure that you have enough space at home before you buy anything – measure the available room prior to going to the store.